Who am I?  I am a yoga therapist, an artist, a married woman, a survivor, and creator of The Imperfect Pilgrim.  The Imperfect Pilgrim was born out of an idea that people need to draw from more than one source to create health in their lives.  I believe we are all on basically the same journey, and have created this blogsite to provide guideposts for you along the way.  Starting with a collection of resources, inspiration, guidance, stories of my own journey as well as a little entertainment, I hope the information in this blog will help you live the most healthy, balanced, centered life you can live.  Mind, body, spirit–the trinity of a life in balance.  Without all three working in harmony, we can become fractured. When we can nurture each element, we bring ourselves around to a place that feels whole.  I hope you enjoy this journey.

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  1. Suzanne, it is so wonderful to see this up and live! Congratulations, it is BRILLIANT! I will be checking in regularly to get my much-missed dose of your insight and grace.

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