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The Imperfect Pilgrim site welcomes comments.  After all, that’s what a blog is about, right?  The whole purpose of this site is to offer information, guidance, encouragement, and tools for the healthiest, most abundant life you can achieve and, in return, I welcome feedback, ideas, reflections, personal stories, questions, accolades, and any comments serve to cultivate a rich exchange of ideas.  Comments will be approved as long as they fall into any of the above categories, or any other categories not mentioned.  If you want to be a part of this growing community, you are welcome here.  I want you.  Remember, we’re all in this pot of soup called life together.  But if you want to just be mean, please go away.  I have feelings too.

TIP has spam protection, but sometimes I may miss-read your legitimate comment as spam and therefore, not post it.  If you don’t see your comment within a day or two, please resend it with some sort of signal to me that you are a real person and not a spammer.  I will then post it and offer a telepathic apology to you.


Product Reviews

From time to time, I buy products such as yoga mats, clothing, chimes, DVDs, CDs, downloads from iTunes, books, etc.  If I love it, I’ll talk about it.  If I hate it, I’ll talk about it.  If I review a product that is from one of the site’s sponsors, I will say so.  I will also say if they sent it to me for free or if I bought it.  And, I will not publish rave reviews of any product I don’t think is good, sponsor or not.  However, if you are a sponsor and I hate the product, consider it an opportunity to improve it.  Then I will be happy to review it again.  If you are not a sponsor but find out that I love your product, call me and we’ll talk.  Believe me, I’d love to be a brand ambassador if I found one I couldn’t live without.

I am disclosing here that I do have an affiliate marketing program with Amazon.  You will see that I have an online “store” on my site that features some products related to the topics found in this blogsite.  These products were all hand-picked by me, and I chose them based on the following:  I have the book/CD/DVD in my personal library and think it’s good; I know and respect the author; or the book/CD/DVD received a high rating on Amazon (4.0-5.0).  Since there are quite a high number of products in the store, I may at times review one that I am unaware or have forgotten is in the store.  If you notice this, please bring it to my attention.  Because if I review something that happens to be in my store and I have not disclosed this fact, it is purely an oversight on my part and I deserve to be severely punished.

If a company sends me a product for review and does not want it returned in the postage paid container provided :-), then I will use the product in a contest or give-away, once I have something of that nature going on in the site.  I may also keep it for personal use (if I really like it), but I won’t re-gift it.  That would be tacky.

The same policy goes for video reviews of yoga studios.  I travel a lot and almost always find a yoga studio to profile.  The travel is at my expense but, if a studio or organization wants to fly me all-expense paid to their location to profile them, I will make full disclosure of this fact.  And the review will still be objective.


Fair Trade and Copyright

TIP complies with the FTC guidelines about marketing and blogs, and is a proud signer of the Blog With Integrity pledge.  Speaking of copyright, the nature of this blog is such that I will often quote leaders in the field of yoga, Ayurveda, and nutrition, because I believe what they have to say is valuable to my readers.  I will also cite where the quote originated, as well as provide a link to that source when available.

Summing it up, I will provide full disclosure of any relationship I have with any company, brand, product, yoga school, or any other commercial entity that appears in this blog.  I will also disclose if I receive a percentage of sales from click-through ads by affiliate marketers.


  4 Responses to “Editorial Policy”

  1. Found it, surprised by it, liked it and will follow you all over the web just as you followed me all over the planet.
    Love you always, Denise

  2. Suzanne: My “Om Shanti In The Highest Congratulations” to you on the creation of your most guiding, moving, and affecting blog. It was with the deepest and best desirable pleasure and fascination I read it and soaked in its merit, virtue, and worth. Your honesty, ingenuity, knowledge, and compassion were laid open from the beginning line and were woven throughout the entirety of the blog to post. I eagerly anticipate MORE! I know this has been a dream of yours and now the dream has come to fruition…we will enjoy “eating” this fruit and savoring the sweetness of your talent!
    Your Forever Fan and Friend – Renee

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